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Saudi Space Weather Prediction Center (SSWPC) was established by Saudi Amateur Radio Society (SARS) in conjunction with Astronomical Center (KACST), in order to be an early warning platform, For the status of the sun & the solar wind, Which could affecting for communications or astronauts.


Providing information for researchers and Amateurs for preparing researches on the effect of the solar wind on the ionosphere layers and their impact on the communications upon the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Prediction of the cosmic events that effect on communications and reporting the authorities concerned that will be affected by these events.
Create a database to record all the data of cosmic radiation in the space and electrical activity in the Earth.
Workshops for designing cosmic ray and solar activity sensors, Then setting standards and do tests.
Identify the satellites that gathering information for cosmic radiation.
Connecting the sensors related to sun monitoring, sunspot activity to the website.
Integration with other international sites working in the same field.
Live Seminars and lectures in our YouTube channel linked with our site.
Cooperation with universities in the same field.

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